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Eviga's consultants have vast experience in implementing Industry Solutions that have helped their customers succeed in their strategic initiatives. They have leveraged enterprise and external data sets and applied analytics to gain business insights.

Life Sciences
Optimize Clinical Trials through use of visual data analytics
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Life Sciences
Jumpstart drug commercialization process

Clinical Trial costs have been on the rise. Pharma/Bio-Tech companies have been trying hard to contain the costs.


Eviga's consultants have helped identify process improvements through the use of data (CTMS, EDC, etc.) and visual analytics and enabled the business to make key decisions around resource management, mobilizing sites, and patient enrollment.


Monitoring Clinical Trials using a risk-based approach have ensured optimal use of resources and have lead to lower costs.

Alignment of sales teams to their territories, understanding the prescriber affiliations, knowing the competitors and the market are prerequisites to launching a drug.

Eviga's unique combination of business and technology expertise has helped develop robust and scalable data and analytics platforms. We use 3rd party data sets, ex-factory sales, and prescription data to measure volume, growth, and penetration in markets; and we use call data to measure reach and frequency of interactions.

Ubiquitous care delivery via mobile-app for chronic conditions
Asset Management
Increase sales and customer satisfaction by measuring customer portofolio performance
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Client Services teams are not equipped with information about the performance of their customers' portfolio. While they have access to the Funds' performance, they are not in a position to answer their clients growing needs to understand their portfolio performance. This has lead to decline in customer satisfaction and customer attrition, thereby reducing the AUM for the company.


Eviga's consultants have helped provide the necessary data and analytics required by Client Services teams to ensure that the customers are able to manage and track their portfolio performance.


GLYQA is a Eviga product, offering symptom management and smart interventions for complications arising from chronic conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension.


The product applies predictive modeling techniques to patient-reported data and deploys prevalent indicators already derived from existing datasets to generate effective responses that are unique to a patient's most-current condition.


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