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Eviga specializes in using data management techniques and analytics to solve complex business problems and identify opportunities for growth within organizations. We offer an array of services in the technology areas of Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Data Management, and Architecture. Our unique project execution and control methodologies complement the client's Project Lifecycle processes whether that be Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid.

Data Management

Success of most business and technology initiatives depend on the a robust and scalable data management program. Eviga has a practice that focuses in all aspects of data management in the domain of data warehousing comprising data profiling, data quality, master data management (MDM), data modeling for data warehouses and marts. Our knowledge of data in Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Financial Services industries, puts us in the best position to model, source, transform, and integrate data for analytics and BI systems.


Business data exploration to uncover latent patterns and hidden knowledge is fast becoming a must-have to gain competitive advantage in their market space. We work with our clients in the areas of sales and marketing analytics, fraud analytics, and risk analytics using standard statistical methods or visual analytics. Eviga helps clients build business use cases to harness the power of Big Data.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Eviga’s BI services deliver standard reports with key performance metrics to enable business decisions. Mobile delivery of BI dashboards for field-based on-the-go users is a use case that is rapidly catching up in most business functions. Our expertise extends to designing and building BI systems on the web and mobile. Eviga delivers data in most all facets of user consumption namely reports, dashboards, benchmarks, data visualization, scorecards, and geospatial intelligence.


Eviga specializes in developing technology roadmaps that ensures alignment of data and analytics initiatves with business goals. As part of the roadmap we deliver a framework that supports architectural components (data storagedata integrationdata delivery), establish governance processes, and operational support structure. We also specialize in established data architecture methods namely, data federation, data mart, operational data store, and data warehouse.

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